Custom design precision patterns in an extensive range of porcelain tiles

Modular formats and special shaped pieces, notably the chevron, have become one of the dominant trends in ceramic tiling today.  This is not surprising because, as this article illustrates, these pieces allow the architect and interior design maximum flexibility when modelling a space.

Patterns that can be broken down into compositions featuring square, rectangular and other shaped tiles and allow mix and match melange wall and floors that play into the shabby chic lived-in look, or the 80s revival with it’s kaleidoscope patterns.

And, while brick is the current fashion format, often in combination with hexagonal tile options, this trend works just as well with cut pieces as with specially-developed brick formats.
The widespread revival of the chevron pattern also looks to the past, leading to striking zigzag patterns that allow ceramic wall and floor tiles  to make a positive design statement in the most stylish contemporary homes.

Whether designers opt for a single shade or colour contrast, chevrons and other cut-piece tiles offer complete freedom of design for original no-fuss interiors.

Also growing in importance are ceramic feature walls that utilise a variety of rigorous architectural compositions and patterns.  This allows the creation of sophisticated yet understated spaces where attention to detail brings the very most out of contemporary ceramic tiles.

However, as Domus has recognised with the inventive and pioneering Modello concept; all these special ceramic tile shapes have a two weaknesses.  The first is that tile manufacturers are only able to offer them in a restricted range of tile designs and finishes.  The second is that they carry a significant price premium, because they require a great deal of time-consuming and expensive post-production machining.


With Modello, Domus is able to offer architects and designers a range of cleverly-conceived geometric patterns, across the company’s complete portfolio of stone-effect tiles that comprise the Lithology collection … and beyond.

Accurately cut using precision waterjet cutters, the Modello range is a cost-effective way to deliver on-trend patterned walls and floors; with the added reassurance that the tile sourcing is being handled by a company with an unsurpassed track record of supplying ceramic tiles and other surface finished to architectural projects in the UK.

Modello is as much a value-added service as it is a new tile collection.  Exclusively developed by Domus, Modello provides a single-source tessellating patterns in a huge choice of materials to allow specifiers to create stunning customised design schemes with the utmost confidence.

To introduce the concept to its ever-expanding customer base, Domus designers have created five patterns which have been installed in Domus’s central London showroom using tiles from the company’s Lithology porcelain stone portfolio.

Materials range from timeless Calacatta and Travertine triangles, to luxurious black and gold Portoro combined with Bianco Lunensis to create an Art-Deco inspired fan pattern.
In this instance, the Modello patterns have been created with Lithology porcelain stone resulting in a timeless luxurious feel, but any Domus porcelain can be selected to create a desired look, whether it’s for a classic, contemporary or eclectic design scheme.


Given the pattern and layout options, plus the breadth of tiles available to choose from, Modello creates a virtually limitless range of design possibilities for both residential and commercial projects.

Developed in-house over several months, the patterns are water-jet cut from full size tiles to create stunning repeating designs.  Suitable for floors and walls, these tessellating designs add interest and originality.

One of the great benefits of using the Modello system is that matching and co-ordinating full size tiles are available in all materials, making Modello patterns perfect for feature walls and floors.
Geometrics in interior design tends to conjure up images of bold bright patterns.  However geometrics can also be calm and understated; drawing attention to the material used in the composition, rather than distracting from it.

The use of geometric pattern in this way is not, of course, just a contemporary trend.  It is one that has endured throughout history.  The Ancient Greeks and Moroccans both used bold geometric patterns as part of their architectural and interior design and, throughout the 1900s, angular structures and patterns were presented in different forms as the design styles adapted and changed.

Modello thus has a strong role to play in refurbishment and re-modelling projects, extensions and interior makeovers from domestic bathrooms to corporate lobbies.  It is also as much at home in luxury hotels as it is in trendy eateries.  Whatever the project, Modello’s bold geometry can fit into any interior, whatever the design style.

While patterned tiles may have been around for centuries, they are currently one of the design world’s hottest trends.  They can be used to offer playful good looks and splashes of colour, or they can be classical and elegantly understated.


However they are used, patterned tiles retain the ability to instantly transform a room, which is why they are popping up everywhere from designer bars to boutique hotels.

Using Modello, designers have access to a wide range of porcelain tiles manufactured using the latest digital printing techniques.  This means that every pattern comprises cut elements that in themselves feature a whole host of intricate detail. The resultant compositions are also incredibly easy to live with and will keep their good looks for years to come.

Modello is launching with incredibly lifelike imitations of natural stone and marble that can deliver the ‘wow factor’ without being bold and brash.  The result is great design that adds more to your room than tone and texture: it can also help define the space and make a coherent style statement.

For a Victorian setting, Modello delivers geometric patterns and neutral shades.  They are equally at home with Edwardian-style bathrooms with slipper baths and pedestal basins.
Geometric designs that combine a simple, repeating graphic in just two or three colours, are also a great choice for designers seeking a modern style, and can deliver a focal point without dominating the space.  These patterns are also perfect for understated style over larger floor areas.

As the ever-expanding demand for mid-century and shabby chic furniture shows, retro design is currently a very hot ticket.  For designers seeking an old-meets-new aesthetic, vintage style tile patterns are a great way to create a unique style that is full of character without being too busy.

Hallways are one obvious place to use Modello tile patterns, creating a practical and statement entrance that can also deliver a warm welcome when combiner with wet or dry under tile heating.  Here monochrome geometric patterns with a defined border are one option that is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Cloakrooms is another area where Modello patterns can make a real statement.  This is one room, often overlooked, where a dramatic design statement can really add value.

Bathrooms are perfect for calmer and more muted patterns with a touch of classic English style.  But patterned wall tiles are also finding their way into new areas of both domestic and commercial architecture as feature walls.  Here a blast of pattern is a great way to create a focal point, and a sympathetic contrast to a neutrally decorated room.  Obvious locations are chimney breasts and shower walls, but bedroom headboards also offer plenty of scope.  Designers are even using tile pattern on staircase risers to create a feature of a muck overlooked area.

Design trends are, of course, cyclical.  Right now, the groovy 1970s are back in vogue, both on fashion catwalks and in interiors.  This trend can be accessed by using simple, larger patterns, especially when paired with saturated colours for a modern take on seventies style.  Geometric tile patterns are the way to create a room that meets all of interior design’s basic requirements while looking incredibly modern.


Lithology porcelain stone
Domus has initially paired the Modello patterns with tiles from is extensive Lithology portfolio.  The ranges covered include Floortech 1.0; a fine porcelain stoneware collection that offers a sophisticated contemporary stone look.  There are nine colours and modular sizing options to provide design versatility and added aesthetic character; as well as a range of complementary and matching tiles to set off Modello patterned installations to maximum advantage.

I Bianchi replicates the most precious and sought-after Italian white marbles offering lighter shades that can make any room more exclusive and enveloping.  The surfaces are reminiscent of nature, respecting it but giving it new meaning.  I Bianchi comes in five stunning rectified formats: 1,797 by 797, 1,197 by 597, 797 by 797, 597 by 597 and 597 by 297mm.  Mosaic are also available to add further detail, if required.

For the timeless white and black look, I Classici is a range that stamps a decisive and bold character on architectural surroundings.  Meticulous surface detailing enhances the natural beauty of the product while the five colours, spanning white through to deepest black, underline the natural inclination for beauty in marble.

I Travertini, available in 1,197 by 597, 1,197 by 297, 797 by 797, 797 by 397 and 597 by 597mm rectified formats, delivers precise graphic composition that convey unmistakable energy to any interior.  Available in four beautiful marble colours, and including natural, gloss and structured finishes, the range is all about discrete elegance, with a grammar of style based on precious materials and clean lines.

Finally comes the eight colours, three finishes and six formats of Timeless + Slim: a stunning collection of precise natural stone replicas available in a choice of styles and textures that will surely stand the test of time.  The range’s surfaces span the subtle detailing of marfil through to highly varied, aggregated terrazzo.  Suitable for residential and commercial settings; this range also has a grip finish applicable for wet or external areas.

Available in seven colours, four finishes and 10 formats, Petrology Marble 1 is a range of porcelain marble tiles inspired by various forms of precious marble. The varied surface designs means that this range can deliver everything from a luxurious polished appearance to a structured, anti-slip finish,  It is also available in a large 20mm thick slab format for outdoor use.

Petrology Marble 1 is suitable for both floor and walls in commercial and residential environments.  With three colours, three surface finishes and sex formats, Petrology Stone 1 is the first in an exciting new series of exceptional stone imitations that replicates the finest high grade Quarzite with superior technical characteristics.  Ultra-fine detailing is achieved through the use of the latest ink-jet technology.  This range is suitable for all commercial environments, including those requiring stringent levels of anti-slip.

For a softer look, Petrology Stone 3 reinterprets renowned French stone with subtle shade variations, with intricate detailing and a welcoming texture.  Ideal for urban contexts and design schemes with a metropolitan aesthetic, the numerous size and finish options make this a truly versatile range.

Expanding the choice still further are the two colours of Petrology Stone 4 whose inspiration is drawn from natural, archetypal limestone.  It offers luxury and style with its velvety surfaces, warm colours and patterns.  This is a look that is both classic and contemporary to suit interior and exterior settings, and is also available in a 20mm thickness for outdoor environments.

Another key piece in Domus’s stone design jigsaw is Petrology Stone 5.  This interpretation of the acclaimed ‘Pietra Serena’ sandstone delivers a blend of simplicity, natural shades and design with a Scandinavian flavour.  It features a variable but fine grain which gives an attractive textured finish making it ideal for modern, minimalist decor with a wonderfully natural feel underfoot.

Completing this exceptional stone-look portfolio are the 12 colours, two finishes and seven formats of Select Marmi; an evolved expression of the most precious natural stone.  This rectified, modular range, can cope with almost any required laying pattern, guaranteeing full freedom of design.


Magnum XL format slabs
Domus Magnum collection is perfect for pairing with Modello patterns.

Magnum Stones & More is a collection of elegant stones and marbles replicated in porcelain with five designs inspired by a variety of natural landscapes, harmonised by colour.  At only 6mm thick, Magnum tiles are light, versatile, strong and scratch-resistant, offering a more accessible and reliable alternative to traditional natural stone slabs. The range comes in seven modular rectified formats from 3,197 by 1,579 to 797 by 797mm.

So, if you are looking for complete design freedom and an elegant solution to any interior conundrum, Modello provides the answer.  Specification could not be simpler.  First pick the appropriate Modello pattern, then select the layout and, finally, choose the specific tiles. Domus will then produce your custom pattern, ensuring a project to remember.

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