Not all tile and stone backerboards are equal

Specialist backerboards for tile and stone should be designed to support the intended weight and provide waterproofing, a vapour barrier and feature thermal and acoustic properties; additionally, they help to speed up the installation.  It is best practice to use specialist solutions that have been developed specifically for tile and stone applications, as this eliminates the risk of failure and provides peace of mind for a lasting installation.

Whether a residential or commercial projects, the desire for a perfect finish is wanted by the client and this can only be achieved by using an absolutely level, perfect substrate that is ready-to-tile.  Schlüter-Kerdi-Board is that solution and provides CE marked waterproofing, is load-bearing, thermally insulating, flat, even and a lightweight substrate for walls and structures to be finished with tile or stone.


Schlüter-Kerdi-Board was installed in the Llandegfedd Visitor Centre and Watersports Centre in South Wales, which was crowned RSAW (Royal Society of Architects in Wales) Building of the Year in the ‘RIBA Regional Awards 2016 – Wales’.  Glynn Davies from Schlüter-Systems was consulted on the specification with contractor Anthony A Davies Group, who praised the popular tile and stone substrate Schlüter-Kerdi-Board, used throughout the building, for its ease of installation.

Llandegfedd is a water supply reservoir owned by Dwr Cymru Welsh Water which opened in 2015.  It includes a state-of-the-art Water Sports and Visitor Centre hosting activities such as sailing, fishing, windsurfing, power-boating, canoeing and kayaking; there are also four walking trails around the reservoir.

Schlüter-Kerdi-Board was chosen for the project because of its waterproofing qualities and was installed throughout the ground and first floor walls which were to be tiled.  The unique substrate offers a revolutionary approach and acts as a multifunctional tile substrate for walls, meaning it can be used, not just to create bonded waterproofing assemblies with tile coverings, but also as a structural panel, such as for furniture, seats and shelving.

There are also eco benefits to specifying Schlüter-Kerdi-Board.  The unique composition of the backerboard has no cement or fibre-glass, and without a cement face, this makes Schlüter-Kerdi-Board completely waterproof.  This means that water does not penetrate any part of the board and, therefore, it is superior to water-resistant boards which absorb water and then repel back-through the cement face later.


CE Marked waterproofing – prevent damage to building structures
Schlüter-Kerdi-Board has full technical approval for use in bonded waterproofing assemblies and offers CE Marked waterproofing, making it ideal for wetrooms and shower areas. Once installed and the joints and junctions are sealed with Schlüter-Kerdi-Coll-L and Schlüter-Kerdi-Keba, it provides a completely waterproof substrate without the need for additional waterproofing measures such as priming, over boarding and additional membrane and adhesive layers, typically associated with plasterboard or boards that are only classed as water-resistant.

Rest assured that using an integrated wetroom solution from Schlüter including Schlüter-Kerdi-Board, will guarantee installation and prevent mould and fungus affecting the structure underneath the tile.

For additional peace of mind, the Schlüter Approved Installer Network (SAIN) allows approved installers, such as dry-lining contractors, who have completed full training with Schlüter-Systems Ltd to install Schlüter-Kerdi-Board. This training enables them to prepare the necessary areas as part of the dry-lining package of works, ready for the tile or stone contractors, and preventing any delays associated with unsuitable substrates for tile and stone that require additional preparation and remedial actions leading to delays, poor finishing or worse.

The network not only gives accreditation to the individual, but also to the company as a certified organisation. This provides reassurance to you as the specifier or architect that the system will be installed to the manufacturer’s standards, best practice and minimises installation risks, ensuring a robust reliable installation.


Fast-action wall structures
The most common function for specialist backerboards is as a substrate over stud frame structures of wood or metal, and this can be so easily achieved using Schlüter-Kerdi-Board with an installation steps similar to plasterboard by using fixings from the range.

Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD can also be used for partition walls to divide rooms, particularly in wetrooms or bathrooms, to create separate shower or toilet cubicles, thanks to its structural properties.
Installation of the tile and stone covering can be carried out immediately once the boards have been fixed in place.

Fast-action cabinets and shelving, pipe coverings, seating and curved wall features
The building possibilities with Schlüter-Kerdi-Board are endless. Some of the more creative uses for the material are:

Cabinets and shelving;  the perfectly flat substrate means that creating cabinets for tile and stone applications has never been easier, and the pre-formed niches and shelving makes feature details within the wall so much quicker too-perfect for keeping toiletries to hand within the shower or hiding them away in the bathroom.

Pipe coverings; the innovative, pre-fabricated angle and U-shaped components of the Schlüter-Kerdi-Board system make concealing pipes and installation ducts instantaneous.

Seating and curved features; the grooved version of the Schlüter-Kerdi-Board panel is designed for creating rounded and curved structures and surfaces.  The strength of Schlüter-Kerdi-Board also makes it ideal for quickly creating seating areas.


Benefits of Schlüter-Kerdi-Board
The choice of a product that is free of cement and fibreglass may contribute to the green rating of your project.
Schlüter-Kerdi-Board offers the following properties:

  • Even, impact resistant and rigid
  • CE Marked waterproofing
  • Vapour retardant
  • Thermally insulating
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and transport=
  • Contains no cement or fibreglass and is dust free
  • Suitable for use on any kind of background substrate

Suitable for freestanding partition walls, shelves, coverings and similar surfaces

The Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD is available in thicknesses ranging from 5mm to 50mm, with a full range of accessories and fixings to ensure that a specified solution can be sourced from a single manufacturer, providing a guaranteed, single-source solution.


Learn more about specifying substrates
The difference between specifying a waterproof, rather than a water-resistant, backerboard is covered in our RIBA approved CPD seminar Integrated Solutions for Wetrooms with Tile and Stone Coverings along with other key considerations including the benefits of an integrated system for wetrooms versus multi-manufacturer combined offerings; how point and linear drains can be hidden or accent the design; the requirements of waterproofing; and how an integrated system offers peace of mind for a complete solution.

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