Specifying tiles for commercial and industrial spaces

By Stephen Baker, Sales Director and Marketing Director at Solus Ceramics

One the most versatile and practical floor and wall materials, porcelain tiles are an ideal choice for residential, commercial and even industrial spaces, offering durability, resistance to wear and reliability in the most testing of circumstances.

It is no surprise that Solus Ceramics, a leading supplier of commercial tiles, has curated an incredible collection of different products that are ideal for environments such as garages, factories, warehouses and industrial kitchens.

When discussing the use of tiles in heavy commercial projects, the first topic of enquiry will most likely be whether a material possesses the appropriate slip resistance.  Depending on their experience, users may be familiar with R ratings or, in the UK, Pendulum Test Value results.


Every tile supplied by Solus Ceramics can be tested in their onsite laboratory, where tiles are put through a series of rigorous pendulum tests.  For a commercial space, it is recommended and often a requirement that a tile scores 36 or more in the PTV test.

An iconic commercial collection, Program is a practical range of plain and granite effect porcelain tiles that can be used in the most demanding of environments.  Made up of 30 different colours, Program includes a palette of muted, yet colourful shades, from warm creams to smoky blues and burnt reds.

Ideal for wall and floor use, these matt effect tiles are available in a standard flat finish, but also in a number of raised profile anti slip finishes.  Featuring textured dots, squares and pins, these special anti slip tiles can be applied to industrial floor areas that may be at risk of getting wet, oily or significantly dirty.  The Program range is ideal for changing rooms, commercial kitchens, garages, technical areas and bathrooms.

At Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Solus Ceramics supplied hexagon shaped tiles from the Program range, which were ingeniously selected in a variety of complementary shades, to create a chic yet intensely durable and practical floor.

Characterised by a wide selection of plain colours, Halogen by Solus Ceramics is a solid and vividly pigmented range of full-bodied porcelain tiles.  Featuring more than 40 diverse colours, Halogen provides one of the most complete colour palettes available in a single range today, including a wide selection of neutral and colourful shades.


Within this collection of colours, designers can find practical options like cream and grey, along with more unusual tones such as dusky greens and coastal blues.  In addition, Halogen also includes a series of vibrant and dynamic colours such as tangerine orange, blushed salmon and luscious lemon yellow.  Many industrial projects tend to feature rather spartan design styles, so why not break the mould and use commercial tiles with zing!

Moving away from plain coloured tiles, The Technici Gres 4 range offers an intensely speckled aesthetic quality, similar to that of a traditional terrazzo tile.  A versatile and extensive range, Technici Gres 4 includes a vast variety of size options from small 100 by 100mm tiles through to 300 by 300mm pieces and even large 600 by 600mm formats.

Interestingly, many of these sizes are available in a choice of thicknesses, which means that the range is suitable for wall and floor use in both interior and exterior locations.  Finally, the tiles in this range are available in a number finishes including Matt, Polished, Structured R11 (A+B+C), Anti-slip R12 (A+B+C) and Anti-slip R13.

The aptly named Anti Slip range is one of Solus Ceramics’ most popular industrial tile solutions.  Created for use in heavy traffic commercial spaces, this robust and versatile collection is ideally suited for busy areas such as warehouses, stairways, changing rooms, wet areas and workshops.

With most tiles achieving exceptionally high PTV results, the Anti Slip range is a useful tool for designers who are searching for a comprehensive selection of tile colours and finishes suitable for commercial projects.  The range includes 11 diverse finishes, from the stone-like Granule R12 (A+B+C), to the crosshatched Bosso and the sandy textured Apol finish.

The tiles in the Anti Slip range are ideally suited to high traffic commercial areas, and at the Screwfix site in Stoke, Solus Ceramics supplied a range of bespoke Anti Slip tiles to the main stairways and circulation areas.  Tiles were fabricated specially for the steps to include anti slip step treads and risers.

As commercial design continues to evolve, the demand for more stylised heavy duty, anti-slip tiles has grown, Solus Ceramics has introduced a number of ranges that not only provide the safety qualities required in commercial environments but also incorporate trendy aesthetics and innovative colour options.

A practical yet playful anti slip range, Sequence is a new development in the area of technical tiles and proves the point that safety can by stylish. A traditionally conservative sector of the industry, Sequence is different as it offers textured, heavy duty tiles in a range of chic colours and amazing, innovative patterns.


Modern geometric patterns, more traditional European reliefs and funky motifs all feature in the range, offering a huge amount design versatility. The décors can be used to create large repeating patterns, or mixed together to make unusual patchwork floor and wall schemes. Unlike the conventional relief textures found in other ranges, the tiles in the sequence range are finished with an unusual and creative 3D lace effect.

And, even if patterned tiles are not to a designers taste, we are seeing more integration of commercial tiles alongside more typical trendy ranges.  At M Restaurant Victoria, the open kitchen area was fitted with heavy-duty commercial tiles from the practical Porcelain Flare range, which openly transitioned to the more stylised tiles in the public areas.

Finally, for those wishing to create a trendsetting industrial space, AMRC Factory 2050 by Bond Bryan Architects, challenges the stereotypical architectural solution to industrial buildings.  With the client wanting to create a light and refreshing finish with statement accents, large format (1,500 by 700mm) tiles from Solus Ceramics’ Replicate range were installed in the central rotunda, breakout spaces and perimeter circular walkways, in two contrasting shades to give a subtle yet striking effect.

The concrete-inspired floor and wall tiles of the Replicate range embody a modern industrial aesthetic, fitting seamlessly into the surroundings of Factory 2050.

Influenced by urban architectural trends and industrial landscapes, Replicate features nine contemporary colours including raw greys and rustic browns.  Each tile is unique, providing a sense of natural individuality to any surface.  In addition, Solus Ceramics also supplied tiles from its Stonework and Modular ranges to the bathroom facilities throughout the building.

As we have explored, industrial tiles are available in a vast range of sizes, colours, textures and finishes, and Solus Ceramics are able to source the right products to fit the requirements of any space, in any sector, to any size and scope.  While typically a practical and highly technical part of our industry, the market for industrial tiles is becoming more exciting with a greater variety of choice and even more innovative designs becoming available.

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Solus Ceramics, established in 1995, is an established porcelain, ceramic, glass, metal and natural stone tile supplier, offering a huge range of over 60,000 products, directly sourced from manufacturing partners.  Tapping into strong manufacturer relationships and the company’s wealth of experience, Solus Ceramics consistently remain at the forefront of the latest developments and trends within the tiling industry.

Working with architects, interior designers and other professional specifiers to deliver technical and aesthetic solutions into a wide variety of tiling projects across Europe is key to the company’s success.  Solus Ceramics has amassed invaluable experience in projects within both the public and private sectors.
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