F Ball and Co

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F. Ball and Co. Ltd. is the UK’s leading manufacturer of floor preparation products and flooring adhesives. Founded in 1886, the company remains family-owned and has built its success on a continual approach to research and product development. This has resulted in a market leading product range, carefully matched to the requirements of flooring professionals throughout the world.

The specialist range of products comprises adhesives for decorative floorcoverings, smoothing underlayments for most types of subfloor, waterproof surface membranes, primers and a wide selection of professional tools and accessories.

The company keeps abreast of market developments by continually monitoring the needs of installers, distributors and specifiers and by maintaining on-going and close liaison with floorcovering manufacturers.

In order to provide our customers with a first class service, we offer expert technical advice and support in a variety of ways. Our Technical Service Department is available during the working day to answer any queries over the phone or by e-mail. On-site support is provided by a team of Technical Representatives, covering the UK and Ireland. A range of technical literature is also published by F. Ball including the annual ‘Recommended Adhesive Guide’ (RAG), featuring adhesive recommendations for over 5,500 floorcoverings from over 200 leading international floorcovering manufacturers.

Serving the flooring industry worldwide has become an increasingly important part of F. Ball’s business and the company currently distributes products through an international network of specialist agents and distributors. A subsidiary company, F. Ball and Co. (Asia) Pte Ltd based in Singapore, services the needs of the Asian Pacific Rim region.

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Visit www.f-ballrewards.co.uk today to sign up for yours!

Here are just some of the unique benefits available to members of the F. Ball Contractor Loyalty Card Scheme:

  • Unique Contractor Loyalty Card
  • Special promotions on F. Ball products only available to members
  • Loyalty Card Member website at www.f-ballrewards.co.uk
  • Exclusive offers and discounts
  • Loyalty Club events
  • Training vouchers
  • Loyalty Club online shop
  • Personal copy of the F. Ball Recommended Adhesives Guide (RAG)
  • Direct notification of new products
  • Exclusive competitions

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Wood floor installation range
A range of subfloor preparation products and adhesives for wood floor specialists.

Underlayments range
Subfloor preparation is becoming an increasingly specialist area due to the pressure for faster installation times, ultra smooth finishes and instant solutions to a multitude of problems.

Flooring installation products
F. Ball is a recognised leader in the development and manufacture of floor adhesives and floor preparation products for specialist flooring contractors.

Isolator range
F. Ball’s Stopgap Isolator range gives a complete systemized solution to damp and contaminated subfloors and refurbishment projects where the original floor must be protected.

Subfloor preparation guide
Surface preparation is a vital part of any contract. Improper or inadequate preparation can cause premature failure of the system.

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As market leaders in our field, we are proud of our commitment to providing ongoing training to flooring installers of all skill levels.

This is demonstrated by the significant investment we have recently made in a new, state-of-the-art training centre.

Combining high-tech conference facilities, meeting rooms, practical demonstration areas and a refreshment room, the new facility helps promote learning in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Courses run throughout the year, covering the subject of subfloor preparation and adhesive selection. During the course delegates gain hands-on experience of using a range of F. Ball products in our purpose-designed demonstration area.

All courses are presented by experts from within the company’s technical department who have extensive knowledge of the flooring industry. This ensures that the content of our courses remains up-to-date and includes all the latest information about advances in adhesive and underlayment technology.

On a two day course, the first day focusses on underlayments and the second day on flooring adhesives. You can choose to attend either day or come along to both. We also run one day intensive courses which cover both areas.

We are also able to tailor courses for individual companies over one or two days. The minimum number for these courses is five delegates. Please contact the Marketing Department for further details on our usual number.

01538 361 633


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